About Carly J Hahn

carly hahn branding expertDaily Profit Guru is one of my online personal brands.  My name is Carly J Hahn, I have been on the internet probably since it was born.  I love WordPress, Online Marketing, eCommerce and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

When you are passionate about what you do, it shows.  I am the Director of Product Development for INFINii Commerce.  I learned that I love to teach and that is my passion.

You ever do something, for the first time and just KNOW it was always what you were meant to do?

It’s very rewarding to teach people.  Being an Internet Marketer and a teacher of all things internet is what I do.  I love when people reach out to me and they are looking for help.  Watching that light bulb glow as you feed knowledge too those that see it is worth more than any amount of money in the world.

The Daily Profit Guru Online Personal Branding Course is years in the making.  I have taken everything I have learned online, removed the mistakes along the way and put into one course.


When I first got online I spent years building websites the old school way and ranking them on Google.  Then selling them.  Over time I become an Internet Marketer.  And eventually got into Network Marketing.  It was really hard in the beginning, since I was new to the industry.  As most of us do, we follow the “BIG” Marketers and try to learn from them.  Sure we can learn a strategy here and there but no one actually shares the “HOW”.  That is why the Online Personal Branding Course was created.


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